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Building Energy Simulation

BERA develops sophisticated building energy simulations to evaluate advanced technologies and designs, determine cost effectiveness, identify opportunities for improvement, and understand large-scale impacts. Primary research and analysis areas include:

  • Large-scale Building Parametric Analysis
    Apply state-of-the-art energy simulation software and other statistical and analytical tools to conduct building energy efficiency and cost-effectiveness analyses at a large scale to address technical challenges nationally and regionally.
  • Prototype Building Model Development
    Apply real-world performance of building designs and operations, in-depth understanding of HVAC, building enclosures, and lighting technologies to develop prototype building models. These models are used in simulating energy use and other characteristics of building performance and operation to assess the regional and national impacts of advanced building designs and technologies.
  • Equipment and End-use Load Modeling
    Develop equipment and end-use load models to determine the energy, water, and emissions impacts from the introduction and adoption of advanced equipment technologies to a region or nation. These impacts are monetized to determine the cost effectiveness of advanced technologies for the consumer, region, and nation.

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