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Energy Code and Appliance Standard Analysis

BERA conducts research and analysis to develop building energy codes and appliance standards and test procedures to secure regional and national energy savings achieved through the full-scale adoption of advanced technologies and designs. Primary research and analysis areas include:

  • Building Energy Codes Development and Implementation
    BERA is the core group supporting DOE's Building Energy Codes Program. We develop, submit and testify code change proposals for both commercial and residential buildings, as well as conduct analysis of building energy efficiency and cost savings, and formulate underlying evaluation methodologies.
  • Appliance Standards and Test Procedure Development
    Design the underlying evaluation methodologies to support the development and implementation of appliance standards and test procedures. We determine cost effectiveness of advanced technologies as well as the energy, water, monetary and emissions impacts from large-scale market adoption.
  • Codes and Standards Writing
    Document the stipulations and requirements that codify regulatory actions. Regulatory writing is subject to specific legal, format, and style requirements by their regulatory bodies. We provide technical analysis results (supported by documentation) and leverage our experience to justify the development of code and standard language that can be adopted and enforced regionally and nationally for both commercial and residential buildings.
  • Code Compliance Software Development
    Create software tools to assist the building industry with demonstrating code compliance. We provide expertise in codes and standards, building science, and software and web tool development. We are critical in the continual development and improvement of the software REScheckTM for the residential sector and COMcheckTM for commercial buildings.
  • Energy and Economic Impact Analysis (National and Regional)
    Leverage economic models and data to assess the impacts of regulatory actions. We apply our expertise in complex socioeconomic and environmental systems by analyzing life cycle costs, national and regional impacts (including energy, economic, employment and environmental) to support the development of economically-viable building energy codes and appliance standards.

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